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The 3rd draft plan is now available as is the updated technical appendices. There are several changes that have been made since the 2nd draft.

The 2nd draft plan and technical appendices were made available prior to the 4th public meeting held in the Council Chambers on the evening of Wednesday, June 20th.

The first draft of the Forest Drive & Eastport Sector Study plan was formally introduced to the public on the evening of Wednesday, April 11th for the 3rd public meeting. Staff took questions and comments about the draft from attendees that night, and worked to ensure that they were incorporated into the 2nd draft plan.

The planning team merged moderate changes into the 1st draft in preparation for the meeting on June 20th, and thus made this revised 2nd draft available to the public by May 31st. We received a surge of comments and suggestions on the 2nd draft that we have responded to and taken into consideration in our most recent draft. The draft as it stands is shaped by the input received from citizens reaching out, the four public meetings, the three surveys, as well as the many other stakeholder meetings. Through the process the planning team became well-informed of the issues the public identified and the improvements they would like to see implemented as a result.

The draft document available below is still a work-in-progress so the planning team would much appreciate your input as you read through the Issues, Solutions, Action Plan, and Technical Appendices so that they may incorporate the suggestions and ideas into the document to progress towards the goal of adoption later this year.

Presentation of the 2nd Draft Plan

Public Meeting 4 Presentation

Presentation of the 1st Draft Plan

April 11 Presentation

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Draft Plan as of July 26th, 2018

Full Draft

Title Page 7-26-18

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 7-26-18


Introduction 7-26-18

Issues & Existing Conditions

Issues and Exist Cond 7-26-18


Solutions 7-26-18

Community Character

Community Character 7-26-18

Neighborhood Character Map

Community Character Map 7-26-18

Action Plan

Action Plan 7-26-18

Technical Appendices

Technical Appendices 7-26-18

Draft Plan as of May 31st, 2018

Full Draft

Title Page

Technical Appendices

Technical Appendices 5-31-18

1st Draft Plan as of April 11th, 2018

Title Page Apr 11