Parks & Trails

Annapolis area residents can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the  grace of nature at its many community parks and trails. With more than  40 parks and on more than 200 acres of park land, Annapolis is dedicated  to the leisure interests of its residents. The parks and trails have a  positive influence of the quality of life in Annapolis.

City of Annapolis Parks, Trails and Open Spaces

Check out the City Park Finder web application!

To view Parks brochures (and other department publications), please go to the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Calaméo Account.

General Park & Trail Information

Please remember to follow these reminders about using the City's public resources in your neighborhood:

  • Park hours are sunrise to sunset.
  • Pets that are leashed are welcome in the parks, but please clean up after your pet  
  • Alcohol is not permitted on park property
  • Do not litter in the parks, help keep our parks clean for everyone’s enjoyment

If you have any maintenance questions or concerns, please report them to the Parks Maintenance Division. When leaving a message, please be sure to state the park location and a brief description of the situation.

Community Wildlife Habitat Program in Annapolis

Working Each Day to Enhance the Bay -- an initiative through the National Wildlife Federation. Learn how you can become a part of this program by reviewing this brochure or e-mailing Marisa Wittlinger.

For more information on boat ramps visit the Harbormaster's boat ramps page.