Murals & Outdoor Art

Annapolis Mural

"Annapolis" - Harbor Master Building, City Dock

Created by artist Sy Mohr in his signature "folk-naive" style, the mural's myriad images make up a compendium of the City's life. The oeuvre of the 91-year old painter includes over 300 works illustrating everyday American life, including that of thirteen Maryland towns. It was commissioned by the Art in Public Places Commission in May 2007.

John Paul Jones, "Ranger" - King George Street

This painting by Greg Harlan of a sea battle features John Paul Jones' ship, “Ranger”. The mural adorns the wall of the U.S. Naval Academy as part of a commission by the Art in Public Places Commission in 2008.

John Paul Jones, Ranger Mural
Shaping a City Mural

"Shaping a City" - Newman Park on Compromise Street

This image is designed by Annapolis Artist Sally Wern Comport, coordinator and creator of Annapolis ArtWalk that showcases the City’s outdoor art murals. The Art was commissioned by the Art in Public Places Commission in June 2008.

"Farmers Market"- City Dock Park at Fawcett Building on Compromise Street

This image of a 1960s era City Dock farmers market by an unknown photographer was commissioned by the Annapolis Art in Public Places Commission, with the support of the Farmers Market, in 2006.

"Wings & Sails"- Walkway Behind City Hall

This is a permanent mural showcasing the City's maritime heritage by Maryland artist Stewart White. It was commissioned by the Art in Public Places Commission in May 2005.

Wings and Sails Mural
Early Annapolis Beginnings Mural

"Early Annapolis Beginnings"- Annapolis City Hall Council Chambers

Annapolis artist Lee Boynton painted the three-part mural in 1995 to celebrate the City's 300thanniversary of its founding as a Capital City of Maryland. It was commissioned by the Tercentennial Committee and funded by the State and private contributors.

"Community Rising"- Calvert & Clay Streets

Stanton Center students under the direction of artist George Belt, created the mural which was commissioned by the Art in Public Places Commission in 2008.

Community Rising Mural
The Old Fourth Ward Mural

"The Old Fourth Ward"- Stanton Community Center

Maryland artists Cynvia Arthur Rankin and Diane Monday collaborated in this work of social history, depicting community life on Clay Street at the end of the 20th century, commissioned by the Art in Public Places Commission in 2004.

"City Images" - Stan & Joe's Parking Lot on West Street

Blowups of the work of Annapolis award-winning photographer Marion Warren adorn the bare walls of buildings in this 2007 commission by the Art in Public Places Commission.

"Anne Catharine Green" - Hyatt Building, Westgate Circle

Annapolis artist Sally Wern Comport celebrates the first American woman newspaper editor, the 1760s editor and publisher of the Annapolis Gazette, commissioned by the Art in Public Places Commission in 2007.

Anne Catharine Green Mural

Anne Catharine Green Mural

Companion piece to Anne Catharine Green Mural, 18th Century Printing in Annapolis

18th Century Printing Mural

"Student Celebration" - Bates Middle School

Created by the students of Bates Middle School in 2014 under the direction of Sally Wern Comport and the school’s art teachers. This work was privately funded by Chaney Enterprises, Sandy Spring Bank, and the Annapolis Community Foundation.

This is Annapolis Mural

"This is Annapolis" - Chinquapin Round Road

This mural was designed by Cindy Fletcher and was commissioned by the property owners David Avedesian and John Bruno in 2011.

"Crossing Borders: How Do You Say Soccer?" - Hilltop Lane at Pip Moyer Recreation Center

This outdoor art is taken from a photograph by student Cande Ernesto Castoneda in the ESOL Vision Workshop at Annapolis High School. Within the Recreation Center additional artworks, accompanied by student stories relating to the sport, are displayed in this 2011 installation. The project was supported by the Maryland Arts Council, Anne Arundel Cultural Arts, Annapolis Community Foundation, and Sandy Spring Bank.

Crossing Borders: How Do You Say Soccer? Mural
Great Wall of Eastport Mural

"Great Wall of Eastport" - Fourth Street

There are two murals along Fourth Street. This mural, the first in the City, is now deteriorating. It depicts images of life in Eastport in the 1990s by artist Cindy Fletcher. It was commissioned by the Eastport Civic Association. The second mural, also by Cindy Fletcher was commissioned by the owner of the Boatyard Bar and Grill in 2013.

Modern Annapolis - Rowe Boulevard at Melvin Avenue

This work is the first of the City’s outdoor art pieces. It was commissioned by Purple Cherry Architects and designed by Sally Wern Comport in 2006.

Modern Annapolis Mural

Park Place - Westgate Circle

Murals line the walls of an open area set aside for a Performing Arts Center. Brazilian artists from DC and Baltimore coordinated by Anne Arundel County Arts Council produced the murals for the Maryland Theater for the Performing Arts at Park Place."

Ten Posters Mural

"Ten Posters" - 10 Hudson Street

The art panels are a collaborative project between Art Walk's Sally Wern Comport and the clients of the Providence Center and Lighthouse Shelter. They were installed in October 2010 at the Lighthouse Shelter and line a short art walk trail. The art walk project was sponsored by the TKF Foundation.